Kokoro Library 13

Kokoro Library 13: No kokoros allowed

Oto. What kind of final episode was that?

Pon. Maybe an OVA episode or something. I’m glad it didn’t end on a painfully sincere note. I like the older-sisters-and-or-moms.

Oto. Yuri approved!


Well, that show was certainly adorable. Almost went into a sugar coma from that scene where Akaha thought it was her fault they were snowed in because she wished for snow.

Pon. It was alright. The characters weren’t mean enough. My aesthetic is that scene where two characters are fighting and a third character is like, “You two sure get along well.” It’s not like shows like this don’t do that sometimes. I do give Kokoro Library credit for having the war, though. You need the war or the sinking of Venice to make the niceness feel like something somebody fought for. Niceness is hard. The characters should get credit from the show for doing a difficult thing. In this case they did.

Oto. Yeah, it might’ve been a little more interesting if everyone wasn’t nice to each other all the time, but I won’t say that them doing that is a bad thing. It was alright. Not really that memorable, but I liked it for what it was. Big bowl of sugar.


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