Choujin Sentai Jetman 25-26

Choujin Sentai Jetman 26: No, you have to beat Chill Penguin first

Pon. I guess the monsters are all Mega Man X villains from now on. In a few episodes we’ll get to debate what in the hell a kuwanger is.

Oto. I’ve been waiting for this episode. I don’t think I’ve watched any sentai shows until now that had anti-rangers in it. I like when they do that. Too bad these ones sucked.

Pon. They are pretty lame. Useless on a cloudy day. Like satellite TV.

Oto. So when I started this show I really liked Raita. He’s the dopey fat one. I can relate. These days, though, he just gets on my nerves. Why is he suddenly into Kaori? Why is he a goddamn idiot? Am I being too hard on him? He just seems like the least interesting character to me … Well, shit! I don’t like him that much, but I wouldn’t have fucking left him stuck back in time. You know, I guess he’s the kind of the dumb but strong-of-spirit one. I can get behind that.

Pon. Well, 26 explains why he’s dumb. Inbreeding. He’s his own ancestor.


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