Kyousougiga 02

Kyousougiga 01: Sinister mom

Oto. So, I don’t have much to say, but this show is fun as hell to watch.

Pon. There’s a lot of backstory in this show. It doesn’t have as much respect for linear time as you’d expect a TV show to have. But the circumstances that led to everyone being the way they are are basically the point … it’s “literary” in that way.

Oto. Alright, I’m just gonna throw out a few random things. Young Koto, the kid, not the rabbit lady, has the best laugh in anime history. Her voice actor deserves a medal. It’s heartwarming. Makes your soul feel good. Fox mask guy has great hot pants. There’s something about hot pants and leggings on young men that gets me going.

Pon. Excellent.

Oto. I like how they introduce robots. It’s very fluid. It’s not like, “Hey, guys, we got robots!” They’re just having a casual conversation and context clues reveal that this guy is a robot. That’s just good storytelling.

Pon. That’s a good point. The whole setting is conveyed like that. I mean, it’s best not to overthink things. Don’t assume the show’s hiding stuff from you. It doesn’t really do that. If you look at a character or a thing and form an impression about it, it’s probably at least partly right. The show may convey information in a nonlinear way sometimes, but it’s not setting you up for a twist. There are no gimmicks. I can tell you from having seen this before that there’s a precedent in the early episodes for the stuff that happens later.

Oto. One last thing. I love that the siblings have a sentai villain room. Some huge room that looks out into the cosmos where you stand on pillars to discuss important subjects. Reminds me of the Goma base from Dairanger.

Pon. It’s an interesting point that they’re sort of framed like villains. We’ll have to talk about villains at some point. Given what kind of show this is, what happens in terms of villainy is more or less what you’d expect. But in a way I wasn’t ready for it.


2 thoughts on “Kyousougiga 02

  1. >>Young Koto, the kid, not the rabbit lady, has the best laugh in anime history. Her voice actor deserves a medal.

    Rie Kugimiya. It’s fun to see the variety of roles she does, especially when she’s typecasted as “the one who does the hard tsundere characters”.


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