Kokoro Library 12

Kokoro Library 12: Down with this sort of thing

Oto. So I had a thing to say back when I thought it was clear that Kokoro understood that what’s important isn’t the library but the people of the city. How back in her dad’s time the library was important because of what it stood for, but in this day and age it just doesn’t mean that in the same way as it used to. Like hearing about how some landmark is important from your grandmother, but it really can’t mean that to you because you didn’t experience it. But I guess people do still care, so, fuck it. I’m okay with this, honestly. I’m kind of a sentimental person myself so … yeah, sure, that’s cool. In a way it doesn’t feel as satisfying, though.

Pon. Yeah, where’s the impermanence? Things end so new things can start. It’s not really sad. Isn’t one of them a successful popular novelist who could probably afford to buy a big building within reasonable driving distance of the city? Why would they have to stop doing a library?

Oto. Yeah, well, they fuckin’ figured it out. Finally! Book delivery! Goddamn geniuses, they are.

Pon. Interlibrary loan is a beautiful thing. Also, I guess it turns out that every male character in the show was one of the dad’s war buddies? That’s weird, but you know what really creeps me out? There’s a character in the audience who looks like Himawari-san. I guess it’s generic friend girl’s sister or mom or whatever.

Kokoro Library 12: What was that kid's name again?

These bookstore/library manga, man. It’s a conspiracy.


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