Love Live! S2 08

Love Live! S2 08: What the heck

Pon. Episode 8, “My Wish.” My wish is for this show to be over.

Oto. If this was the first season I would give you shit and defend the show, but, at this point, I’m right there with you. Why do people think season 2 is the better season? It’s worse in every way.

Pon. You know what, though? I didn’t mind this episode. Nozomi has a pretty good hangup. She treats people like coworkers and doesn’t realize they could be her friends.

Oto. Yeah, this episode is alright. It made me realize the extent to which Nozomi masterminded the group.

Pon. In the first season they’re all her pawns. She came up with the name. That’s her problem, though. She doesn’t know how to make friends, so the other characters are means to an end.

Oto. You make it sound so sinister.

Pon. It wasn’t malice. It was a mistake.

Oto. Interesting. So why are they suddenly having so much fucking trouble writing songs? They didn’t seem to have a problem in the first season.

Pon. That was when they made Maki do it. Now there are nine people all trying to write one song. There’s a certain point at which adding people just multiplies the effort needed. Also, isn’t art by committee the reason that stuff like idol music is all show and no substance in the first place? TV is written by committee, but that’s different. You have a lot of time to work with there. 12 people writing 12 episodes doesn’t seem weird.


3 thoughts on “Love Live! S2 08

  1. A Day Without Me says:

    I just want to say, this contention that they’ve never done a love song before is complete bullshit.


    1. We were a little confused about the love song thing. My assumption is that Maki did all the work before now, so technically “they” didn’t write a love song, they locked Maki in Nico’s creepy-ass cut-up posters room until she wrote as many songs as they needed.

      One thing that bothered me was how Umi’s apparently a super-nun and can’t bear to watch a kiss scene in an 80-year-old movie. Does she put a blindfold on whenever she leaves home? Because, I mean…I guess it’s just supposed to be a joke, but what viewer would buy that?


      1. Day says:

        The same viewers who happily gobbled down that nonsense about Maki believing in Santa Claus at the age of fifteen. But didn’t Umi also previously just about have a nervous breakdown because she was asked if she’s had any romantic experiences before?


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