Sh15uya 12

Sh15uya 12: Witch hunter peace

Oto. What? What even happened? I feel like I missed something. Why is the teacher guy good now? Did he just decide he didn’t believe in the system anymore? And when did he reconnect with the kids? Sure wish we could’ve seen that. This ending feels a little rushed.

Pon. I figured it’d have one of those vague non-endings, and, what do you know? This is the most early-2000s show I’ve seen in a long time. I mean, since the early 2000s, I guess. What I want to know is, what the fuck even was the virtual world? The jowl guy could send people’s consciousness there by touching them? How does that work? Does the Japanese government employ fucking wizards in its remedial schools? And why does Peace never put a shirt on?

Oto. You know, really, the system worked. I’m not sure what Ema’s deal was, but she seems to have chilled. And the other kids don’t seem like such assholes anymore. Fuck, I guess they were onto something. Speaking of which, what was Ema’s deal?

Pon. The show shrugs, and I shrug with it.

Oto. I guess we don’t need to know details. We know she was mean. Who was she before Shibuya?

Pon. She had a gun, and guns are bad …?

Oto. I guess maybe who she was before isn’t important. She doesn’t remember her old name because she doesn’t need to. Her old life is behind her. She’s Ema now and she’s better for it.

Pon. How is she better? She’s in a coma.

Oto. But she’s in a coma with the man she loves. Wait, how did he get back in? Maybe that was just her hallucination right before death–

Pon. Stop. Just … I hate when shows do this. And this is such an early-2000s anime thing. I hate when shows throw in like 30 seconds of bait at the end for fans to have stupid baby arguments over for years to come. Who gives a shit? Just ignore that part. The ending makes sense if you cut that part out. What I wanted to see was Tsuyoshi going home and getting yelled at by his parents because they paid a lot of fucking money for this virtual word private school, and he had to go and fuck the system.

Oto. I’m glad I watched Sh15uya. We had a lot of fun with it.

Pon. Uh … it made me feel some nostalgia for the kinds of shows that were around when I first got into anime. I guess that’s something.

Oto. Talking about this show reminds me of when we watched Strike Witches.

Pon. Why? Why does it remind you of that? Peace may never have worn a shirt, but at least he had pants on.

Oto. Unfortunately. But really, it’s because, like Strike Witches, this show isn’t really that good, but I will remember it fondly because I had fun watching it with you.

Pon. I-it’s not like I wanted to watch this with you or anything. Don’t get the wrong idea.


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