Kokoro Library 10

Kokoro Library 10: Flashlight

Oto. Favorite flashlight of all time in anime goes to Kokoro Library. They actually took the time to put that little dark bit in the middle.

Pon. I was wondering when this would happen. When the city would cut their funding. This could’ve happened at the very end, it could’ve been a lesson in impermanence or whatever, but probably they’ll resolve it next episode and never speak of it again. Forehead Mayor will read the dead dad’s diary and have a change of heart, because that’s how public funding works.

Oto. I kinda hope not. She does seem to have some sort of dad issues herself, though. Maybe they’ll appeal to her similar situation.

Pon. Everybody has dad issues in this show. The moral: dads are no good. Kill all dads. Actually, typing that out, I realized that it’s true. What subplot so far isn’t about dad issues? It’s either a dad issue, or the dad’s absent, which causes problems in some way. Happy fuckin’ Father’s Day.

Oto. I suppose that’s true. Let me ask you something. Why is it that, whenever a phone rings in anime, everyone stops what they’re doing and just stares at it until one of them decides to answer it? It’s like every day they forget what a phone is. I can understand if they were expecting a call and it’s a big dramatic thing, but in this episode they were just sitting around and the phone rang. Do they not get a lot of phone calls?

Pon. Jesus, are you done? Anything else to say on the topic of phone-human relations?

Oto. Nah, I think that pretty much covers it.


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