Steven Universe 21-22

Steven Universe 21: Fuck

Oto. “But what kind of person does that make you, if you want to hurt him back?” “A … hero?” Fuck, man.

Pon. The realest criticism. I lol’d a lot through 21.

Oto. It is pretty fuckin good. Also, the Big Donut training video was just a direct reference to the Wendy’s hot drinks video.

Pon. 22 … oh God. What is happening?

Oto. So this is just the best show. Ever. In the world. Do you agree?

Pon. In the early episodes it felt like they just had a concept, and it was an okay concept, but … the episodes are a lot more focused now. They very quickly get to the most fucked-up possible eventuality, and they stay there. You know what it reminds me of, actually? Ren & Stimpy. Did you watch that much?

Oto. No. That’s an old show. You’re old.

Pon. Like, the History Eraser Button? Or the one where they get hit by a car or something, and there aren’t enough parts of them left, so they’re, like, conjoined together out of what’s left, and then they join the circus because society won’t make a place for them anymore. That show was grotesque in a way that Steven Universe isn’t, but generally what happened was the worst thing that could possibly happen. They just didn’t recover from it as well. It didn’t have continuity, but it had a Looney Tunes sensibility that meant they could die at the end and be okay in the next episode. So it could stay in the dark place longer than Steven Universe can. Shit could go from bad to worse. I guess I’d prefer the Steven Universe approach most of the time, but Ren & Stimpy was a hell of a thing. That show started in 1991 … what’s a six-year-old supposed to do with body horror? Imagine chilling in your room with some Lego or whatever, watching Nick Arcade or Doug, and then that show comes on. If you ever wondered why I am the way I am …

Oto. I don’t know how much I’d like it. It sounds interesting, but it comes on a little strong. I’ll stick with Steven Universe.


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