Love Live! S2 06

Love Live! S2 06: Hate

Oto. Someone put effort into this scene. Kotori’s face for the couple of frames where she just doesn’t want to deal with Nico throwing a fit perfectly conveys what she is feeling in that moment. Just wanted to point that out. I like it.

Pon. She looks like she’s about to throw the sewing machine.

Oto. I wish they had stuck with the metal theme. I’m just gonna get this out there. I kinda like Babymetal. Well, the couple of songs that merge the metal and idol sounds well.

Pon. Yeah, wouldn’t that be a good idol show? Where they have this aesthetic that’s important to them, and they try to keep it in the face of corporate and fandom homogenization? That’d be more interesting. A lot more interesting than “be yourself!” Let me just note that I hate the plot of this episode wherever it shows up, regardless of the show or the characters involved. Because, one, what did they accomplish here? They’re back where they started. And, two, they’re fucking kids, so they’re just gonna doubt themselves again in a week anyway. You know what I do like, though?

Oto. What do you like?

Pon. I like when characters laugh or something, and it’s like two frames of animation, and they’re just jiggling.

Love Live! S2 06: Jiggle

That’s fucking funny.

Oto. Hilarious.


6 thoughts on “Love Live! S2 06

  1. A Day Without Me says:

    Kotori clearly wants to jam that needle right into Nico’s face.

    I personally would love a reverse Detroit Metal City – group of female idols who do the cutesy pop shit but in actuality have wanted to be hardcore metal (or maybe even punk) the whole time but have gotten themselves stuck in the idol scene after going to Tokyo to make it as a metal band. There is, of course, lots of scenes of them swearing and doing stuff like shoving instant noodles into their mouths with their bare hands upon reaching the safe haven of their dressing room. It’d be great.


    1. The big challenge is getting through a show without slipping in a reference to the Norse gods and ritual sacrifice.

      On a sort of related note, I’m convinced there’s an audience for an idol group whose concerts are just two hours of verbally abusing the audience. Though I guess, from my perspective, a lot of idol music amounts to that anyway…maybe that’s the secret to idols’ appeal? Yes! It all makes sense now!


      1. Day says:

        I am aware that, while there isn’t an idol group undertaking such efforts, there is at least one gravure idol out there who can be hired by people to insult the hirer for a set amount of time. I seem to recall, too, that having it recorded is an option as well.


  2. This episode had the two best gags in the whole show (roleplaying each other and rebranding as Kiss) but even then they were very short and never extend them beyond the very obvious joke idea it began with. That’s the thing about Love Live: even when it hits on a good idea I don’t think it develops it as far as it can go. It hampers even the modest potential it has.


    1. I keep wondering whether that’s by design. Maybe if you make a lot of space for fans to take the cues of the show and run with them, you end up with … well, Love Live fandom. But I also wonder if that’s being too generous.


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