Kokoro Library 09

Kokoro Library 09: God is dead

Pon. “There is no god. But we have parents.” Huh?

Oto. They’re just magical ghosts that watch over the library.

Pon. Venerating your ancestors is a post-apocalyptic California tradition.

Oto. I like Hikari. She’s a good kid.

Pon. I always like the character in the everything’s-wonderful slice of life show who has a bad personality. I relate the most to that character.

Oto. She knows what’s up, man. Critiquing Aruto’s light novel. Why does everyone like the protagonist in shoujo manga/light novels and, in my experience, otome games? Give me a challenge, at least. Give me something to work up to. I don’t want the D handed to me on a silver platter.


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