Steven Universe 19-20

Steven Universe 19: Just trying to get to Twitter

Oto. I don’t think I have anything substantive to say. Here’s my reactions to the episodes. Ep. 19: Jesus. Ep. 20: *Teary eyed* Yeah, show ‘em how you’re strong. In the real way! Also, Pearl has a nice voice.

Pon. It’s not that fucking hard to kill a titan. You just get really depressed about your dead girlfriend, curse fate and the gods, and stab it in the medulla.

Oto. Don’t get me wrong. Just because I don’t have much to say doesn’t mean I don’t like these episodes. They both got a good reaction out of me. 11/10 would watch again.

Pon. I like how Steven reacts to things the way a kid would. He’s too literal about things sometimes. On an unrelated note, if Steven were to fuse with somebody, what’d happen with … uh … you know … they end up with four arms, right? So like … down in the, uh …

Oto. I swear, man. Is this what we do? Yeah, okay, I guess it is.

Pon. No worries. The stony heart thing is all just an act born out of my fear of facing the feels within.

Oto. I’m glad you’re being honest.

Pon. Is it honesty? Or am I making a joke? I’m a slippery one.

Oto. Yes. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go download that song.

Pon. The funniest joke in these episodes? An RPG on the N64. Hah! An RPG on the N64! That never happened.


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