Choujin Sentai Jetman 17-18

Choujin Sentai Jetman 17: I AM A PULSE L'CIE

Oto. Holy fuck!

Pon. Wow. That is gruesome.

Oto. This is why super sentai shows are awesome. One of many reasons. You won’t find this on American kids’ television.

Pon. And kids came home after a long week of school and watched this? They showed up for their Saturday classes the next day and just stared blankly at the chalkboard.

Oto. I like the crystal effect.

Pon. It’s cool that the enemy actually used their debilitating move on the Jetmans.

Oto. I wish super sentai shows stuck with practical effects. For a while now it’s been mostly CG, and super sentai does not have the budget to make that look very good.

Pon. I know it’s cliche, but, to be honest, I like when the big bads are eclipsed by a bigger bad, and then we’re on the big bads’ side. Granted, I was on Vyram’s side already. Humans are an infestation. In every episode there’s one bad human causing problems. When it’s not an NPC, the show defaults to Gai, who … I’m still confused as to why he wants Kaori so bad. Dude plays jazz sax in smoky bars for a living. I’m sure he doesn’t have trouble with the ladies.

Oto. He just wants her because she’s the only woman he’s met that doesn’t want to jump him.

Pon. Well, she’s had plenty of time to see what a creeper he is in terms of, like, accosting women on elevators.

Oto. Speaking of Kaori, I guess Raita just forgot about his childhood friend lady. Kinda thought they had something, but I guess she’ll never measure up to Kaori.

Pon. And then in the next episode, Gai fails to figure out what his focus is and turns to crystal, and Radiguet loses his memory and turns into a male model and falls in love with a lady and what the fuck is this show again?

Oto. Is it bad that part of me was hoping that he’d just murder that lady?

Pon. It’ll come back to haunt him in the second to last episode. He’ll remember her face and hesitate for a moment.

Oto. So that’s the destructo beast, huh? Looks like it’s gonna grow up to be Mothra.

Pon. Terrifying.


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