Sh15uya 10

Sh15uya 10: Life is struggle

Pon. “But what you don’t realize is that your life is more meaningful now, in MMO shared dreamspace, than it will ever be. Adulthood is just a slow grind toward oblivion. We’re doing you a favor!”

Oto. Oh DJ, that’s adorable, but no. Rufio is still a badass motherfucker. Thankfully. And he’s finally opened his eyes. Now he can join the main characters and they can start a chitin-clad sentai.

Pon. Except that Tsuyoshi doesn’t remember anything again. The last two episodes will just be the first two episodes.

Oto. An endless cycle of people thinking they can teach kids to be good by controlling them and the kids rebelling because FUCK YOU! YOU CAN’T CONTROL ME! Sorry, I’m good.

Pon. Maybe it’s secretly a brilliant plan. Maybe the point is to get the kids to rebel. Because, yeah, obviously they would. It’s like when parents try to force their kids into a particular religion. How many of those kids don’t end up conjuring fucking Paimon, Hell King of the Northwest, in a graveyard at 3am? On the other hand, maybe it’s just a gold-farming sweatshop. Who knows?


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