Love Live! S2 05

Love Live! S2 05: You'll know when I'm talking to you

Pon. How many times do they need to go on vacation?

Oto. I don’t normally react this way with anime, but Christ, calm down everyone. We don’t have to be so fuckin hyper all the time.

Pon. The whole season’s paced like that. So, I have to give credit where it’s due. I think im@s did this episode better. The conclusion in im@s was like, Makoto shouldn’t feel pressured to be one thing or another. She can be whatever she wants to be. These gender categories don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Here it’s like, “You’re a girl after all!”

Oto. Does this mean she won’t be wearing those sweet pants anymore? Damn.

Pon. Did you hear about the Disney Channel in Japan showing the first season of Love Live? Does this mean that Love Live can be in Kingdom Hearts? With Chewbacca and fucking Iron Man? Which μ’s would you want in your KH party?

Oto. Probably Nico.

Pon. Why Nico? The whole point of Nico is that she isn’t as good at any one thing as someone else. Maybe that makes her the red mage, though. I always liked the red mage. Like the bard in D&D, but awesome.

Oto. I think she’s got the willpower to be a powerful mage.

Pon. What about Nozomi? She’s a powerful mage in canon already. She probably has firaga right out of the gate. Granted, she’d grope all the Disney princesses. That might be a downside.

Oto. Yeah, but that’s boring. I’d rather watch Nico struggle to be the best as she screams at the top of her lungs to unlock the magic within.

Pon. You’d be the one struggling when Sephiroth Aerith’d her because she couldn’t keep up.

Oto. Hey, man! Nico doesn’t lose. She just gets beaten until she finds the power to overcome.

Pon. Getting stabbed through the torso only pisses her off. You’re selling her as a shounen hero. I like that.


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