Choujin Sentai Jetman 15-16

Choujin Sentai Jetman 15: Oneesama

Oto. Episode 15 feels a little rushed. Like maybe they weren’t actually sure what they wanted to do for Ako’s episode so they just threw this together.

Pon. You really gonna talk about the pacing? Does that kind of structural shit matter in a show like this? Does anybody care? Or are we too busy looking at the rocket punch?

Oto. Hey! I care. Just because it’s a kids show doesn’t give them the right to make subpar episodes.

Pon. Subpar compared to what? It’s not Twin Peaks, man. It’s a show about low-rent actors in rainbow suits yelling at rubber monsters.

Oto. There’s some pretty fuckin good super sentai stuff out there. Stuff that manages to be kinda crazy and over the top and has a rich, engaging plot.

Pon. If you want to talk form, I like how this episode doesn’t feel like the others. How the pacing and focus are different. It makes the world feel bigger, somehow. It feels like a consideration of another point of view. Anyway, the important thing about 15 is that they suddenly decided to give Ako a girls’ school yuri plot.

Oto. It’s real.

Pon. You think she’ll end up going after Kaori, too? And then it’ll be a four-way struggle?

Oto. No. Ryu and Gai want each other.

Choujin Sentai Jetman 16: I just Gai'd in your arms tonight

Pon. They haven’t figured it out yet, though.

Oto. And Ako is in love with her school friend.

Pon. Maybe they’re just friends. Have you considered that? Maybe you read too many yuri doujins.

Oto. No.

Pon. The monsters are getting increasingly weird. Paper monster who brings pictures to life … the painting girl takes him on with her ocarina, but, unfortunately, paper beats rock.

Oto. I like the paper guy. His suit has streamer cannons sometimes. I bet he’s great at parties. So there’s probably something to be said about being beaten by your own creations or about how plagiarism is bad.

Pon. You know, the painting girl saves her real-life equivalent’s dad from death by broken heart. But he’s just gonna wake up, remember that his real daughter is dead, and immediately start dying again.

Oto. No, man. She reminded him that there’s a reason to live. With her ocarina.


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