Sh15uya 09

Sh15uya 09: To the moon

Pon. So why the fuck does Ema have those chitinous blade powers? I still don’t get that.

Oto. The professor probably gave them to her.

Pon. This is the point at which they need to shut the fuck up about their personal problems and figure out how they’re going to escape the Matrix. It doesn’t matter whether the guy’s Revu or Tsuyoshi or which girl he’s into. Who gives a fuck? Get out of there! Work that shit out back on Earth!

Oto. I hope this ends up being a secret yuri show. You know, like .hack. So this professor guy doesn’t seem to be very willing to help out even though he has admin privileges and doesn’t seem to like what’s going on any more than any of the kids.

Pon. Does he have admin privileges? It seems like he’s as stuck as anybody. He has to go around in disguise.

Oto. He’s at least a mod. He can dispel Peace. I’m calling it now. He’s the guy who invented all this. Is that too obvious to sound clever by saying I’m gonna call it now?

Pon. Maybe he’s a professor of comparative literature.

Oto. I get the same feeling about Revu and Ema that I do about Steven’s mom and dad. I wanna see their crazy shonen adventures back when they were hopeful and in love.

Pon. When was that? A month ago? I want them to shut the hell up and go on adventures now.


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