Steven Universe 15-16

Steven Universe 15-16: Gotta go fast and defeat Sephiroth and save Anthy and fuck how many references are in this picture?

Oto. Onion understands. We are all Dave Guy. Dave Guy is our future.

Pon. He’s my present. I can really level with this show’s sense of humor. Laughing in the face of oblivion. Anyone who thinks the little comments about futility and stuff are funny is probably someone I’ll get along with.

Oto. It’s funny, sure, but this show knows how to consistently make me sad.

Pon. Another thing the show and I have in common. Anyway, who’s the Scrooge McDuck reference supposed to be for? That show was so long ago. Not to mention when the comics came out … well, I did mention in the beginning that I’ve never heard of someone under the age of, like, 22 watching this show. Also, I dunno why that’s the reference I chose to question, and not the Final Fantasy 7 reference, the reference to the Sanic meme, or the plethora of Utena stuff. Why the hell would I complain about an Utena reference, though?

Oto. Yeah, sure, FF7, Utena, whatever. GITAROO MAN!!!


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