Love Live! S2 03

Love Live! S2 03: Territorial dispute

Pon. Oh no. Love L15e.

Oto. Yeah, man! I desperately want to see the Love Live spinoff series where the idol groups are also street gangs. Watching an idol concert would be like watching West Side Story.

Pon. Except it’s an actual fight to the death. While singing. You’re judged on voice, dance, and not being dead at the end. You should write that fanfic.

Oto. It would be about george.

Pon. Clawing their way to the top. Literally.

Oto. So, why is A-Rise so popular? They’re not even that good. I feel like they’ve been popular for too long. Why aren’t people bored of them yet?

Pon. How long? They’ve only been in high school for, what, two years?

Oto. Exactly, that’s a long time in internet time.

Pon. That’s true. But people who always chase after the newest pop extrusion rather than looking for stuff from any era that’s actually useful to them make me want to chew drywall, especially when they’re fucking hipsters about it … well, anyway, I have to be honest: I’m starting to dread the prospect of listening to this music at all, no matter which pretend idol group is responsible for it. I mean, we started im@s in November of last year and it’s been nonstop idol stuff since then. I was interested in the Love Live game at one point, but I think if somebody handed it to me now I’d throw their phone off a fucking bridge. I need to cleanse my palate with some horrible, nasty fuzz guitar. Or an eardrum-rending square wave.

Oto. I like μ’s … μ’s’s stuff. At least their music is made with actual instruments … I think. Some of it at least.

Pon. Even so, the lyrics … you need to have a certain level of optimism to appreciate these lyrics. I envy people who have that. I certainly don’t have it. Yes, reach for the future! The future in which you work 60-hour weeks in a gray cubicle moving shit between spreadsheets until you die. And that’s assuming a degree of economic privilege.

Oto. I like those incredibly optimistic songs. It’s a song that’s devoid of any connection to reality, so you’re free to insert your own situations. Don’t fret. Grasp tomorrow. For what? You tell me.

Pon. Ah, yes. Sunyata. Very deep. Truly, a μ’s song is a koan. Not for discussing or intellectualizing, but simply for meditating upon.


5 thoughts on “Love Live! S2 03

  1. Day says:

    West Side Story, too, came to mind for me, although I envisioned something a slight bit different in that I pictured Eli and Nozomi as Tony and Maria, respectively. Go yuri, or go home, I suppose.

    Insofar as A-Rise is concerned, well, given that they’re roughly an AKB48 analogue, and AKB48 has been chugging along happily and popularly for… more than ten years, I think, well, it isn’t that odd, is it, for them to be popular for at least two years?


    1. Actually, the longevity is one of the things that keeps surprising me about all this idol stuff. It’s really hanging in there compared to, say, Touhou, which is the dad rock of JP fandoms at this point, and Vocaloid, which I hardly see anyone talking about anymore. Nobody I follow, at least, ever talks about im@s as though it’s something one should be vaguely ashamed for still liking.

      Then I remember that the idol as such has been around since, what, the 70s? Japanese pop culture doesn’t do things halfway when it comes to idols, I guess.


      1. Day says:

        Surely that Idolmaster has had a more recent anime has helped contribute to it remaining in rotation for discussion. As for Touhou, I believe quite a number of those who were into it have ended up with Kancolle, which did benefit from also having an anime.

        I’m not totally aware of how long idols have been around, but I can tell you that Minako Aino dreamt of being an idol back when she appeared first in 1991 in Codename Sailor V (actually, I suspect her character design inspired that of her lookalike in Aikatsu). The sleaze factor has certainly been dialed up in the past fifteen years or so, though (I wonder how much this fact has to do with the pervasiveness of technology that can be used to surveil people’s movements and spread rumors and gossip). Sure, gravure idols are nothing new at all, but I think fans have become even more proprietary and given to twisted ideas of what they are owed by the recipients of their worship.


        1. I guess there’s a question here of what constitutes a contiguous fandom. Maybe Touhou and Kancolle are both part of the “moe appreciation of distinct character designs” fandom. I dunno.

          My point of reference when I think about idols pushing into otaku culture is Macross. I’m pretty sure the idol was a distinct thing by that point. They even had a joke in there about fans liking Minmay because they’re lolicons. But, yeah, I also suspect that social media has changed things. I’ve heard enough stories about fans hounding their favorite idols to make sure they don’t have secret boyfriends.


          1. Day says:

            Lol I can’t believe I forgot the original Macross (I finally watched the movie this year in lieu of watching the entire TV series since idols aren’t really my thing).


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