Kokoro Library 06

Kokoro Library 06: It just slipped out

Pon. I’m waiting for the moment when this show gets really dark. I bet it’ll happen in episode 12, and then 13 will be happy again, as if it isn’t After the Last War.

Oto. I don’t know. I’m not convinced it’ll happen. They might hint at the post-apocalypse, but I think the tone would stay pretty much the same.

Pon. They should at least mention it. “Hey, it sure sucked when 99.999% of the human population of Earth died.” “Yeah, that sucked. You wanna borrow a book?”

Oto. Yeah, mention it. It’d be cool to know, but it doesn’t have to be all sad and shit.

Pon. More importantly, have we asked why in the hell every librarian wears a maid uniform in this show?

Oto. Why ask? Just enjoy it.

Pon. Because why do they need aprons? Are they worried that they might get some book on their dresses?

Oto. It’s just a formality really. Makes ‘em look nice.

Pon. I dunno. Maid uniforms aren’t my thing, I guess. Anyway, so there are actually robots. Now we know Kokoro isn’t a robot because she doesn’t have Chobits ears.

Oto. Nah, she’s still a robot. Her dad just decided she didn’t need those stupid unnecessary giant fucking ear jacks.

Pon. The salt is real. I don’t understand, though. Unnecessary aprons are okay, but unnecessary robot ears aren’t?

Oto. Robot ears look stupid. Aprons are nice. So I feel like at one point I would’ve been like, “Yeah, Kokoro, go get that book!” But now I just think it’s way too much effort to put in. I’ve been jaded by getting a job.

Pon. You’re looking at this as someone who’s had a job, but I look at it as someone who’s had this job. Put the damn book on hold. Or order another copy through interlibrary loan. There are at least three libraries in this setting. This is not hard.

Oto. There ya go.


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