Choujin Sentai Jetman 11-12

Choujin Sentai Jetman 11-12: Heat

Pon. So the monster in 11 is a vending machine, and they all drink its dick juice and start acting upon their hidden insecurities, and then the vending machine monster makes a building explode because vending machines can melt steel beams apparently, and then the commander lady shoots at Ryu and throws him out of a fucking helicopter just to get his attention, and then Ryu punches a guy in the face so hard that his head explodes in a burst of gore. Is that a fair summary?

Oto. Well said. It’s always the status effects that’ll really fuck a party up. Wanna beat a sentai team? Poison their juice.

Pon. I have nothing to add. This is a masterpiece. “Sentai” means “team,” though. If I want to beat a team team? Actually it’s more like a military squadron.

Oto. How ‘bout you shut yer trap? I was kind of hoping episode 12 wouldn’t have a fight. This can be the episode where the GM puts the group of warriors in a murder mystery. What’re they gonna do? Can’t punch your way out of this one.

Pon. Have we talked about how the monsters are all modern technology? The real enemy in this show is the hubris of humankind. Would they be having so many problems if the characters all lived simple subsistence farming lives in tiny huts? Even if Vyram wanted to scour humanity from the earth regardless, how scary would the hoe monster be? Or the mud hut monster?

Oto. You think Jetman has an underlying anti-modernity message?

Pon. It probably isn’t self-aware enough. As long as there’s a lot of money floating around, though, I want to see a super sentai show where there is no alien benefactor or space police force or whatever. The red one’s just incredibly wealthy and really pissed off, and sets up the whole thing through sheer force of economic will. Batmanger.

Oto. Shit, why not? Spiderman had a tokusatsu show.


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