Sh15uya 07

Sh15uya 07: The Ryuugo zone

Pon. What a beautiful view.

Oto. That’s just low, Rufio. Even for you. And I don’t mean the angle of this amazing shot. Fucking your opponent’s lady.

Pon. She’s not the same person anymore. She’s a scary goth now. That’s how it works, right? Peace kills you, and then you turn into a scary goth or a tattoo artist or whatever. On that note, we’ve laughed about the killer white guy, we’ve made fun of how he says “dare da” and stuff, but the parts with Peace are really the best parts. The actor’s a stunt guy. There’s an attempt at fight choreography during those parts. Which means there’s an actual attempt at blocking. The stage kind, not the martial arts kind.

Oto. I was saying that in the first post. Peace is the best. For many reasons.

Pon. I’m not just saying he’s the best. I’m saying he makes the whole show better around him. That’s the magic of Peace.

Oto. This episode is sad. DJ’s gone back to being the wrong person’s comic relief. Ryuugo doesn’t need it. He’s hilarious. C’mon DJ, we need you over here. I need you.

Pon. I dunno man. I think I’d also want to be the lackey of the dude who made fun of the size of my peen machine while I was pissing in a public bathroom. It’s a compelling argument.

Oto. He just can’t decide who he’s more afraid of.


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