Love Live! S2 02

Love Live! S2 02: Maki stop

Pon. Yeah, that’s because your parents have money, kid.

Oto. This episode has no drive. Seems a little early in the season for a pure comic relief episode. Not that I have a problem with comedy episodes, but this one wasn’t very funny. Also, in the first season they managed to always be really pumped about this school idol stuff, and I’m just not feeling it from this one. I guess maybe they’ve been idols for long enough that the initial excitement is gone. That’s fine, but even when they were doing idol stuff it didn’t seem like the show cared that much.

Pon. Yeah, I don’t really get what the imperative is to go on a mountain retreat. It doesn’t feel like they’ve earned it. They haven’t tried and failed to write a song at home or in the clubroom. I don’t want to keep comparing this show to K-On, but like … I get K-On. I was in that band. The Love Live band is not the band I was in. I don’t know if it’s a fair comparison because maybe this is the band somebody was in. Maybe this is the real one for the person reading this. I dunno. Still, the songwriting episode of K-On was way better.


3 thoughts on “Love Live! S2 02

  1. Day says:

    I dropped the second season after this episode (although I did later finish it). Yeah, sure, Japan – a sixteen year old girl would totally still believe in Santa Claus. Good job.


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