Steven Universe 11-12

Steven Universe 11-12: Summit

Oto. I’m glad Garnet is canonically the cool one. I mean, It’s a team effort, but she’s totally my favorite.

Pon. My favorite is the blogger guy. No, I don’t really have a favorite. Not yet. I like the idea of Steven as a protagonist, but I don’t know that he’s my “favorite.”

Oto. Yeah, I’m the same, really. I couldn’t really pick a favorite. That’s how you know it’s a good show. They’re all at least kind of interesting.

Pon. I like that they’re all weird in some way. It’s a lesson that US animators probably learn from alt comics/comix, I guess, but I always associate it with Earthbound. In every interview with Shigesato Itoi, there’s a line like, “Why not a hero with halitosis and a bum leg?” or “Why not have a sympathetic gay kid in a Nintendo game?” (which was a lot more revolutionary in 1994, I guess).

Oto. So if they can fuse, and Garnet has 2 gems, does that mean that there are 5 of them and this is totally a sentai show!?

Pon. Like I said before, everything can be super sentai, if you want it to be. That’s a good question, though. Is Garnet two people all the time? Is that, like, the logical extreme of shipping?

Oto. Speaking of shipping … shipped.

Pon. We need to upload a foghorn sound effect somewhere that we can link to whenever a ship’s coming into port. This one will do for now. You’re not off the hook, though. You need to be more specific. You need to explain yourself.

Oto. Well, as you know, I’m drawn to the easy ship, so Amethyst x Pearl.

Pon. Is it easy? That doesn’t seem intuitive at all.

Oto. Easy as in the show does most of the work for you. Opal. Like you said, it’s the epitome of shipping.

Pon. That’s like saying any pair of characters in Dragonball Z who can fuse is an easy ship.

Oto. Just the ones who do it all the time. The popular fusions.

Pon. My position is that if Pearl can’t pull a sword out of the person’s chest, it’s not meant to be.


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