Sh15uya 06

Sh15uya 06: Darkman

Pon. Yeah, who is Darkman?

Oto. Sad.

Pon. It’s fine. She’ll get better. Only the pain is real. That’s what the intro says.

Oto. And they were totally gonna do it. Speaking of, I always hate the “I have to think about it” arc. It tends to last too fuckin long.

Pon. Oh, you mean the putting-off-answering-the-confession arc?

Oto. Yeah. In shit I’ve read it’s always drawn out and filled with unnecessary angst.

Pon. Well, you know, romance manga … why does Ema fight a Final Fantasy monster toward the end? What’s up with that? It’s a mix of this guy and a xenomorph. Where does it come from? Does it have a family? Is it just trying to make a living? Does it get along with its kids?

Oto. We’re finally at the part where DJ is great. He’s like the mascot now. Well, I say now, but this little arc with them all together only lasted one episode.


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