Kokoro Library 04

Kokoro Library 04: TAKE ME

Pon. Really? This is the scene you want to go with? The one that represents what makes this episode good and meaningful?

Oto. I make no apologies. I would say shipped, but Kokoro just wants to help the cousins get together. I totally called that they were cousins, BTW. I know how these sorts of things work.

Pon. You don’t want to talk about how these librarians drive a military surplus jeep? With the entrenching tool still bolted to it?

Oto. Love the jeep. I want one. It’s some military jeep with adorable-ass seats.

Pon. All seats are ass seats, if you think about it.

Oto. Check the hyphen.

Pon. I know what you meant. I chose to ignore it.

Oto. We gonna talk about what this episode is about? Or did I pretty much cover it?

Pon. Well there’s the weird abandoned library at the beach–was it an Airbnb exchange or something?–and the dad who’s overprotective of his kid because his wife died, but how interesting is that stuff? Let’s be real, that’s just scene-setting for the yuri. I guess it’s notable that all the architecture so far has been pretty western. Are they in Japan, or …?

Oto. Well, you see, this is the world where Japan won WWII. It’s actually just California.


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