Sh15uya 05

Sh15uya 05: Shakespeare

Oto. Jesus fucking Christ. Peace has resorted to horrible puns.

Pon. This reminds me. I found a good quote today:

For a few centuries after [Shakespeare’s] death, the literary smart set, generation after generation, thought he was a powerful writer with terrible taste and little sense of proportion. These were the neoclassicists and pre-Romantics, like Dryden and Samuel Johnson, and like Voltaire.

All of which goes to show that realism, naturalism, verisimilitude, balance, and proportion, not to mention mere believability, have little to do with artistic truth, or the “reality” we experience inside a book or play or poem.source

So basically, in a hundred years, maybe people will think of Sh15uya as a masterpiece. People will be forced to watch it in high school lit class. It seems like this weird little thing, but that’s because we just don’t understand.

Oto. Yeah, man. Shit, I kinda like it so far. So this is where I start liking DJ more. Mainly because he’s kind of an idiot and just I feel bad for him. DJ is moe as fuck.

Pon. You would say that.

Oto. Also, shipped.

Pon. Who? DJ and the PALHANDS guy? The guy who makes fun of his dick?

Sh15uya 05: So troubled

Yeah man. That always gets me going.

Oto. DJ x Tsuyoshi. After this DJ becomes a sort of comic relief character and they start hanging out together more.

Pon. Yeah, okay … I like how they interact with a random grocery store lady this time. So far the NPCs haven’t been very convincing. They just say one line over and over and turn into Peace sometimes. Is this shopkeeper NPC’s canned greeting just remarkably relevant to Tsuyoshi’s lady troubles? Does she talk about that stuff with everybody who right-clicks her?

Oto. You know, DJ x Rufio is growing on me. If I were more into the “one character dominates the other” style yaoi I’d be all for it. Oh, right, NPCs. Maybe she’s real! She’s been here since she was 15. Now she just acts like an NPC all day so people will leave her alone.

Pon. She’s been jacked into the matrix for 30 years? That’d mess you up.

Oto. She doesn’t actually have a real body anymore. Her consciousness is stuck in Mainframe.


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