Choujin Sentai Jetman 05-06

Choujin Sentai Jetman 05: Gai's robot dad

Pon. 5 is just the heroes getting the shit kicked out of them, but I like it because all the major villains come at them at once. What a fucking idea! Why don’t they do that more often? Granted, they lose, so I don’t know what that does to the tension later.

Oto. You know who that robot guy reminds me of? The hunter guy from Jumanji.

Pon. Why do you even remember that?

Oto. I’ve seen Jumanji more recently than I’d care to admit. He’s totally gonna end up being someone’s dad or brother or something, by the way. Anyway, I mentioned this in an earlier post, but I really like the way this show handles power scaling. After having watched more recent sentai shows that just have their big final move and a robot and some side powers, I may be selling them a little short, but still, this show has all kinds of neat toys for me to buy … I mean for the kids to buy.

Pon. You weren’t even born when the kids were watching this show.

Oto. Episode 6 and they already get the robot out. And I was just praising the timing. Well, okay, I never said timing, but that’s what I was getting at. You know they’ll never use the big mega plane now that they have Jet Icarus. Whatever. I can’t be too mad. It’s got a sweet guan dao.

Pon. The plane is dumb anyway. It’s a big triangle. It’s a doorstop.

Oto. Fuck you, I like the plane. It’s something other than a giant robot or those little planes. They need more shit. The planes should transform into a tank next. Then some kind of boat.

Pon. Maybe Jet Icarus transforms into an even bigger plane. Which turns into an even bigger robot. It never ends.

Oto. Shit, man, I’ve seen sentai shows like that. It just turns into a horrible mess. Sometimes the robot gets so complicated it can’t walk. They have to put it on wheels.


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