Sh15uya 04

Sh15uya 04: War all the time

Pon. Me too. War and chaos all the time.

Oto. Not sure I have much to say about this episode other than, what the fuck is Rufio doing? I thought he wanted to be friends with Ema as protection from Peace. Real good plan. She’s sure to love you once you beat the shit out of her. C’mon, man. I thought you were good at this.

Pon. I have a hard time believing that Ema needs to be saved from the Nickelodeon gameshow x-treme sports-related prizes gang. You know what I mean? Their weapons are all Guts consolation prizes.

Oto. Holy shit! They are!

Pon. Watch out for the guy who attacks her with a ticket to Space Camp. Can’t turn your back on that guy. And then there’s the guy who just throws Sketchers at her.

Oto. It’s the S, motherfucker.


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