Kokoro Library 02

Kokoro Library 02: Mission statement

Pon. That’s our mission statement.

Oto. This episode is cool. It points out the rift between people who are really into oldschool book reading and those only into newer forms of media consumption. You really need to strike a balance. We can’t forget about the old, but we shouldn’t ignore the new. Got any thoughts on the subject?

Pon. I don’t think there’s much of a rift. A library is a public service. It’s not a bad idea to give people what they want. Assuming that doesn’t mean throwing out all the books people might need for research or whatever. Actually, it’s the research-y libraries, the university libraries, that seem to be the best about video and audio. So the “rift” is really unnecessary.

Oto. Right. Should we comment on Iina’s views on books focused on entertainment and their lack of ability to teach you anything? Or should we just leave that one be for now?

Pon. What should we say? It’s not like I can’t sympathize. I just tend to believe that people can read both trash and the classics. You don’t have to take sides. It’s not always the right time for War and Peace.

Oto. Alright, one last thing. Iina at one point talks about some programmer lady as being an artist akin to a composer. So that’s pretty cool. Maybe this tells us something about the world of Kokoro Library.

Pon. I don’t think that bit implied equivalence between composers and computer scientists. Assuming that Iina’s thing is the classics, though, it’s interesting that software is mentioned in a list of venerable arts. Over-the-hill arts. These people aren’t impressed by software. Because they’re robots.

Oto. That’s what I meant. She talks about it as if it’s this classic art form. Anyway, they’re not all robots. Just Kokoro. Her sisters are gonna have a hell of a time explaining that one once she finds out.

Pon. Yeah, only a robot or a Touhou would be named “Kokoro.” Something’s been bothering me, though … is “riyousha” (利用者) an acceptable term for a library patron in Japan? Isn’t that like an end user?

Oto. Kokoro Library takes place in a crazy cyberpunk world. This show actually just takes place in the cyber zone.

Pon. You can deck out any time you like, but you can never leave.


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