Choujin Sentai Jetman 03-04

Choujin Sentai Jetman 03: Faucet murder

Pon. Ugh, Jesus! Zordon never prepared me for faucet murder.

Oto. This is why I love sentai shows. Vyram doesn’t give a fuck. They will straight up murder your ass. There’s a lot more actual death in sentai shows as opposed to their American counterparts.

Pon. I like that they aren’t all martial arts masters in the beginning. They have to be trained. Except Manly Chin, whose military career mostly seemed to involve fistfighting Daleks, and Gai, who is clearly a master of the art of dirty fighting. And sexual harassment. Actually, why don’t most super sentai mysterious power sources choose members of the robot space police? Wouldn’t that make things go faster?

Oto. Unfortunately the mysterious power doesn’t always get to choose. Speaking of Gai and Manly Chin, Gai is still really not sure if he’s ready to trust humanity, but, ever since he met Ryu, he just can’t seem to get him out of his head. I like where this is going.

Pon. Good. I also like how the goofy villains aren’t totally senseless. Their plan in episode 4 is to mess up the infrastructure. Not a bad idea! Makes more strategic sense than killing one dude with a kitchen sink.

Oto. They’re mostly terrorists. It’s all about the scare tactics. It’s like, “We’ll get you. Even in your house. With your own faucet.”

Pon. It’s scarier to cause total gridlock, then kill thousands of people while they’re stuck on bridges. The odds of that happening to you are greater than the odds of you being that one guy they choose to kill with the faucet.

Oto. Too true. So I kinda wish they’d’ve spent more time on Kaori’s development. I know you don’t really need much, but you’ve got 51 episodes to play around with. Gai too. Okay, he had ulterior motives for joining the Jetmans full time. I imagine they’ll probably get more into their characters later on, but devoting your life to fighting the forces of space evil is a big step. Let’s see a little more of how it affects each character’s individual personalities.


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