Sh15uya 03

Sh15uya 03: Next time just make the show about Rufio here

Pon. Okay, Shfifteenuya. I know this guy was the screencap last time, but he’s just too good. He’s too fucking good.

Oto. He is good. So this is where Peace starts saying random-ass proverbs. Well, I guess some of them related to what was happening in the story, but they get more random from here. By the way, I looked up the guy who plays Peace. He’s much better at Japanese than this show would lead you to believe.

Pon. Yeah, I figured. It takes effort to deliver every R like it’s your dying breath. That must have been a directorial decision.

Oto. So, I can’t say I know much about Shibuya, but I’m guessing that this episode is meant to introduce us to the moral of the story. That being, kids fuck around too much in places like Shibuya and need to get it together and think about their futures.

Pon. Is that the moral? Maybe there’s an equivalent virtual world for all the more decadent areas of Tokyo. Like, imagine Akiba 15. Ak15a. You’d have the mecha nerds vs. the moe otaku. And then the fujoshi.

Oto. That show needs to be made. I need to see that show. Hold on. I’m gonna go start a petition for a Sh15uya sequel.

Pon. Yeah. You can be that show’s Peace. They’ll tell you to speak bad Japanese and you won’t even know what they just said. You’re perfect.

Oto. Dammit. The moral still stands, BTW. In fact. Akihabara would make an even better place for it.

Pon. I thought you decided earlier that it had the Battle Royale moral. That a cruel society is grinding these kids down.

Oto. I didn’t mean exactly like Battle Royale. I just meant that it seems to have a big social message involving kids.


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