Love Live! School Idol Project 11

Love Live! School Idol Project 11: No #brand no #live

Pon. Gotta work on that #brand. Okay, how do we feel? How do we feel about this? Kotori gets a letter from her estranged French dad and Honoka dies at the end. Basically. Okay, that’s 80% made up, but you get the gist.

Oto. You’d think Honoka would think more about not fuckin everything up by getting sick.

Pon. What, it’s her fault? She controls the bacteria?

Oto. She was starting to get sick and decided to go for a jog in the rain. She was being dumb.

Pon. Okay, that’s dumb. But if you sneeze in anime/manga, chances are it just means someone’s talking about you behind your back. Surely there’d be a lot of talk about Honoka as μ’s gets more popular. So she’d be sneezing a lot. Why should she suspect anything? Well, no, they aren’t that genre-savvy. They made Nico do that lottery when she’s the one everything bad happens to.

Oto. I know what’s up. She did this on purpose. Honoka knew that their rating would skyrocket if everyone saw her collapse on stage. They’ve got the sympathy vote locked in.

Pon. Genius! Who could have more moe appeal than a girl who can’t even stand up? This has the Jun Maeda Seal of Approval™ for sure. Now she just needs to turn into a coma ghost and they’ll be set.


2 thoughts on “Love Live! School Idol Project 11

  1. You guys are too kind. My note for 11 was “Honoka god sick – because she’s STUPID and IRRESPONSIBLE.” That’s right, in uppercase. I guess I was mad at the silly bint at the time.


    1. Not sure how mad we’re gonna get about this because one of our expectations going in was that the drama is ass. Even people who really like the show say the drama’s ass, at least in the first season. I mean, it’d be nice if characters made sensible decisions. But this is kinda the outcome we calibrated ourselves for with regard to S1.


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