Steven Universe 03-04

Steven Universe 03: Level select

Oto. So episode 3 has some cool themes. The futile endeavor of saving the past from inevitable ruin. Also the wanton destruction of said past while ignorantly thinking everything is going to be fine in the end. Pearl spends all this time worrying about the state of the great big water temple, but when the crystal shrimp show up she destroys a statue and her big plan to get rid of them involves collapsing part of the roof. This also tells us something interesting about Pearl. The great big water temple is important to her, but she’s more concerned with keeping her friends safe. Or she’s afraid of crystal shrimp. Either way.

Pon. Deep. My observations are just, “look at this cool thing!” I appreciate the technical aspects of the show. The color palettes! And I like the music a lot.

Oto. Yeah, music’s cool. So episode 4’s thing is a little more obvious. I say that as if ep 3’s thing was a mind-blowing discovery.

Pon. Don’t skip breakfast. It’s good for your metabolism.

Oto. Focusing too hard on bringing everyone together without thinking about why will just drive you apart. Or something like that. Anyway, that episode made me sad for a second. Don’t worry Steven. You’ll be a full fledged member soon enough. Then you can join the Gems on cool adventures that involve killer art. Your mom was cool as shit, so I’m told. You’ve got to be awesome, right … right?


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