Sh15uya 02

Sh15uya 02: Then, at the end, he gives the sword to the fat guy

Pon. The PALHANDS guy is my favorite. He’s like Rufio from Hook. He delivers every line like it’s the last thing he’ll ever do.

Oto. I’m not sure if he actually knows what he’s doing.

Pon. He doesn’t. “Yeah we’ll, uh, provoke the murderous white guy, surely it’ll work out in our favor!”

Oto. But he’s so damn charismatic. It just makes you want to follow him. On that note. I like the Bunkamu guy. He’s not so great now, and he’s kinda goofy, but I like his role later on.

Pon. They’re all goofy. Why are they even doing this?

Oto. No shit. Why set up a world that encourages these kids to form gangs and kill each other, then punish them for forming gangs and killing each other? Wait. Is this gonna have some Battle Royale type metaphor attached to it?

Pon. They’re playing a shitty PVP-oriented F2P MMO. For only $489745, you can buy the Elite Gold Don’t Be Instantly Murdered By Peace Package.

Oto. I must say, there’s no way this scrawny-ass motherfucker was ever some badass action hero who hooked up with Ema.

Pon. Compared to everyone else, he looks like he’s about 12. More like Sh12uya.


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