Steven Universe 01-02

Steven Universe 01-02

Pon. I’d make some self-deprecating joke about how we’re watching a kids’ cartoon, but the only people I ever see talking about this show are people in their 20s, so …

Oto. We two have no right to make jokes about watching kids’ cartoons.

[22:33 later …]

I want to keep watching.

Pon. I have to say, while Adventure Time was more immediately identifiable to me as my kind of show, and while I sort of wish every show had bored hipster dialogue like in Adventure Time, I would’ve liked a show about how a weird fat kid can be an intergalactic magical girl back when I was a weird fat kid. I … don’t know what that says about me.

Oto. I know what you mean, but episode 2 grabbed on tight to the cockles of my heart.

Pon. There are some weird feels in the second episode. With the well-meaning loser dad and stuff.

Oto. Episode 1 was alright. It had that old vs. new thing.

Pon. Episode 1 makes it seem like a really self-aware take on the 80s cartoon. There’s fighting and stuff … on a channel watched mainly by kids, they have to make an appeal to kids up front.

Oto. Right, but I fell in love with episode 2.

Pon. Love is ov–

Oto. Shut up! Steven’s dad is my favorite character. He’s one part Meat Loaf, one part ex-shounen protagonist, one part … deadbeat dad I guess, but everyone’s got flaws. All I can think about is what life must have been like when Steven’s mom was out saving the world while his dad followed her around spouting inspirational quotes and just generally keeping her in high spirits. Also, nice sentai cannon.

Pon. Yeah, we need to talk about …

Steven Universe 01-02: You can check out of Otori Academy any time you like, but you can never leave

Akio! Damn you! That fucker’s influence is everywhere! Rose symbols are basically the Eye of Providence at this point.

Oto. Oh god. Akio is Steven’s mom!

Pon. Jesus. I hope not.

Oto. I’d fuck him.

Pon. All these new Cartoon Network shows look like indie comics … this one almost looks like what’d happen if Chris Ware drew superheroes. Not that he would, I don’t think. I guess that’s what happens when you fill your talent stable with webcomics people. Which is probably the best idea they’ve ever had.

Oto. Now all this show needs to keep me hooked for good is talk about the Redeye and what its motivations are.

Pon. Everybody’s the hero of their own story. Even giant doomsday devices.


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