Sh15uya 01

Sh15uya 01: What is ... what?

Pon. Oh my God. What is this?

Oto. So this show is a little crazy.

Pon. Yes. Correct.

Oto. It’s not an amazing show…

Pon. You’re right. It’s not amazing. It’s fucking amazing. Like, can we summarize? That’s not me asking for a summary; that’s me asking if we are actually capable of summarizing this. Let me try:

  1. Amnesiac person wakes up in … Shibuya? Kind of? Except there are eyes on everything?
  2. Gang warfare like if the gangs from The Warriors fell through a wormhole and ended up in Durarara? Except on the budget of that old PBS show Ghostwriter.
  3. And then it turns out to just be a superhero show, so what the fuck was even the point of 1 and 2!?

Oto. Okay, it’s got some endearing qualities, and it’s sometimes super fun to watch. Peace is one of my favorite supervillains now. He’s some white-ass Agent Smith motherfucker who kills you to the sweet dulcet tones of him spouting nonsense proverbs in high-school-level Japanese.

Sh15uya 01: What does one even say about this guy?

He’s half of why I made it through half this show in two days. But it slows down later on.

Pon. How could it slow down? When they have so many plot threads to resolve? What could the Warriors plot possibly have to do with the superheroes plot? Is this real life? Does this show actually exist?

Oto. I hadn’t quite made it that far. I say we find out. I’m really hoping now that I was mistaken and this show continues to be awesome. Your enthusiasm’s got me pumped.

Pon. I don’t know if “enthusiasm” is the right … okay. Let’s go with “enthusiasm.” Sure.


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