Love Live! School Idol Project 09

Love Live! School Idol Project 09: Gross

Pon. Ugh. That’s creepy. All this bootleg merchandise of high school girls … surely they have some legal recourse here. Or is it technically journalism?

Oto. Eri’s right. The only reason we have friends is so we can feel better about ourselves.

Pon. Long as there’s a record deal they’ll always be friends. Anyway, I guess I have a hard time leveling with Kotori’s conundrum here. Probably because, to me, she isn’t the one with nothing going for her who has to try harder than everyone … that’s someone else. I decided early on that she’s stealthily the brains of the second-years. Umi’s opinionated, she has stuff she wants to do, but Kotori is the one who makes them act on things.

Oto. Yeah, what’s up with that? I’m sad. She’s suddenly not the crafty one.

Pon. She’s still the crafty one. I don’t care what the show says. This is all a cover story. She has to be subtle so she can rule from the shadows.


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