Pontifus and Otouto-kun vs. Strike Witches 01

Pontifus and Otouto-kun vs. Strike Witches 01: We were really dumb though, seriously

Oto. How is this supposed to be funny? The only thing they seem to be “good” at is making pop culture references.

Pon. They aren’t even clever references. They’re references to the most obvious shit … who the fuck even makes a Star Wars reference? Ultima Online, though, that’s a pretty good one. I mean, it would be if they didn’t belabor the point.

Oto. And, speaking of references, how can they mention M.A.S.K. and not link to the theme? No one cares about fuckin M.A.S.K.! All anyone remembers is the sweet-ass theme song.

Pon. There’s all this uncomfortable shit in there. Like where the one guy pokes fun at the blue text guy about liking yuri, or that stuff about “traps” at the end. What the hell is their problem?

Oto. I don’t want to hear about these assholes’ crazy fetishes. Who the fuck cares if you like eyepatches? Anyway, I don’t really have much to say. It’s all comedy.

Pon. “Comedy.”

Oto. If you think it’s funny then read it, but I don’t recommend it.

Pon. Watch Kancolle instead.


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