Love Live! School Idol Project 07

Love Live! School Idol Project 07: Get on my level

Pon. Eli’s the insufferable snob I wanted Maki to be. Somehow it’s less appealing when she does it, though. Relax, kid, you’re 17. Also, how the hell did everybody’s parents and grandparents graduate from this school? How does that work? Did they all grow up in the same orphanage?

Oto. I kinda like it. My biggest worry is she joins the group and gets all nice. That’s what all her doujins are like. It’s disgusting.

Pon. It ruins the delicate flavor of her boot.

Oto. That’s the spirit. This reminds me: I kinda like Nico now. Not because of anything the show has done, but because of what you’ve been saying about her off air.

Pon. Yeah, in the posts I’m just saying what the show does with her. I’m not ready to unroll the Unified Nico Theory yet. Last time my suggestion was that not liking her in the beginning is part of the effect. It’s something I do a lot … I’ll dislike a character, and then they’ll become my favorite.

Oto. That’s weird. You’re weird.

Pon. Fuck you. One thing I like about this show is the blocking, or, I don’t know what you’d call it … the positioning of characters relative to other characters, especially when there are several on-screen. That part where Nico’s inexplicably in the closet or in a classroom or something is pretty good.

Oto. It occurs to me that the show has done one thing to make me like Nico. She’s the joke character. We’re supposed to like when “funny” things happen to her. Like how her position on stage is the closet. Well fuck you show. I tend to feel bad for those characters and thus start wanting to protect them.

Pon. They got you. No saving you now. Gonna have to leave you behind.

Oto. Oh god. It was all part of their twisted plan all along.

Pon. It’s a pretty normal plan. Par for the course.


2 thoughts on “Love Live! School Idol Project 07

  1. IIRC Lipnitskaya was 15 years old at the Sochi games, and that’s the meatspace. Eli is only young by the American standard of moral panic, pervasive infantilism, and perverted cocooning. She is a beginner at life, certainly, just out of the compulsory education, but in most societies she is expected to be fully fanctional.


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