Revolutionary Girl Utena: Cardolescence Apocarlypse

Oto. What can I say? It’s a movie about love, death, not being constrained by your past … I guess. Also cars. The visuals are cool as shit. Everything looks like it’s broken and bleeding.

Pon. It’s like, if the show defines a language, the movie is a poem written in that language. It’s a series of images that make you feel things. Plot is secondary. But awesome. I guess that bears pointing out. It’s wonky if you try to think of it as narrative, but it’s fucking awesome anyway.

Oto. It’s hard to talk about the Utena movie. It needs to be experienced.

Pon. I appreciate that the people involved realized that there is no perfect adaptation. So each Utena iteration is its own thing. The movie certainly is its own thing. But still, it probably helps to have the show’s rhetoric in your toolbox.


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